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How to Use a Pay Stub Template

Workers payment can bring satisfaction or animosity. If anything is done wrongly, the employer stands to lose some money or face complaints from the employees. This is the reason why payment has to be done precisely and with a lot of care. One of the most important documents an employer provides to the employees is a pay stub. What a pay stub contains is a detailed breakdown of the employee’s payment as has been made by the employer.

Details included in a pay stub will be almost the same for all companies. The stubs will, however, be customized by a company to include details specific to them. Such would include the company name and logo. For this reason, it is important that an employer gets a standard way of producing uniform pay stub for his employees.

Pay stub templates are the most useful things when it comes to the preparation of pay stubs in any firm. A lot of time is spent making pay stubs for companies without pay stub templates. A lot of money is also spent by the companies that outsource for pay stubs. Buying of downloading of pay stub templates can eliminate all this unnecessary hustle

Before downloading a pay stub template for printing, you need to know a few things. There are two types of pay stub templates commonly used all over the world. The excel and the word pay stub templates are the two templates we have. Though these templates are almost similar, they do not lack differences between them.

Downloading and using the word pay stub template is easy since it is small. The columns and rows are headed and changing the titles is simple. Other customizations you will be required to do on the word stub template is inserting your company logo, the header and the right employee information for each individual. Once that is done, you only need to key in the employees payment breakdown in the already prepared an labeled columns. For calculations on this template you may have to do it manually or use the F9 functional key.

It is also easy to use the excel pay stub template. In the excel template, details filled in the word pay stub template such as the company’s logo, name and employee’s details have to be filled. The breakdown of the employee’s payment is what you fill in next. What differentiates the excel template from the word template is the fact that the excel template is able to do all the calculations for you. You, therefore, only need to fill in the figures and the template completes the rest for you.

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