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Types of Power Washing and Mobile Detailing

Gone are the days when we had to sweat even for simple tasks, now we want everything simplified as much as possible judging from how readily people are adopting innovations that are contributing to easy living. Cleanliness has been said to be next to Godliness, we cannot fight the fact that we want our spaces as clean as they can be. Power washing is a cleaning service that has come to be popular of late , this technique of cleaning can easily be confused with pressure washing but the two are very different concepts.

Power washing is similar to how a pressure washer works but the power washer adds heat to the water. With hot water, you are assured of a deeper cleaning that is more effective compared to cold water. Pressure washing might be limited to specific duties but the good thing about power washing is that it has multiple cleaning purposes some which pressure washing would do but not effectively and on top of that it is cheaper and faster compared to the latter. The power washer uses very hot water but for a reason , the hot water will instantly dissolve any greasy material that might be stuck on materials that needs cleaning , also in areas where weeds may have grown , the heat in the water will instantly kill any plant material.

In cleaning if you are spoiled between goings for pressure washing or opting for the services of a power washer, it’s better to go for a power washer because you will be doing an extensive cleaning job rather than a pressure washer. Whether power washing or pressure washing, it’s important to keep it in mind that hiring a professional should be key for if you don’t have the proper training you could end up damaging the surface that you are cleaning or possibly hurt yourself especially with a power washer because you could burn with the hot water.

Mobile detailing refers mostly to the cleaning of automobiles and the cleaning is done by a professional company or one could contact the services of a professional individual. Mobile cleaning covers a lot of services which could involve the cleaning of the engine, exterior polishing etc. Apart from normal vehicles, mobile detailing services will be available for bigger vehicles such as mobile homes, sport utility vehicles and mobile and some water vessels.

Basic washing should never be confused for mobile detailing type of cleaning, basic washing is one you could do at home at your own convenience but for mobile detailing you will need professionals with professional equipment. Further In contrast , basic car cleaning does not give much consideration into the products used in cleaning, mobile detailing is very conscious with the products used to avoid damaging the surfaces that are being cleaned, some companies will allow their client to make a choice of the products to be used on their cars. Clients should ensure that they seek certified professional services when looking for mobile detailing.

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