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How To Prevent Soil Erosion From Being A Hazard In An Area.

When the topmost part of soil is displaced, we call this soil erosion. It is normal for soil to be displaced at any point. The process of eroding soil could go unnoticed when it is slow. Movement of soil can be very big and have a great negative effect on the land.

Every time soil is formed, cut or exposed, there is usually a risk of soil erosion from the agents of soil erosion. When this is left unattended to, either naturally or artificially, the results could be tragic to that particular environment but when noticed and attended to, there would be little or no damage. Erosion may be as a result of human activity or natural activities.

Human activities that may lead to erosion include deforestation, excessive tillage on a single land for a very long period of time and even construction. There are two main natural causes of soil erosion. All these causes of soil erosion do not occur by themselves as they are aggravated by some other factors. They are.;

The feel of soil. When soil particles are heavy and big, it is hard for them to be eroded.

The slope of the ground is also a great determinant of soil erosion. Steep lands makes it easy for erosion to occur.

Human activities when overdone increase the chances and effects of erosion for example overgrazing, excessive cutting of trees, over tillage.

Little rain has little effect when it comes to displacement of soils.

Trees act as wind catchers meaning when planted they prevent excessive wind from passing over a certain area. Lack of trees makes causes suspension of soil by the wind.

On-site effects are effects experienced on the land that soil has been removed while off-site effects are those where soil has been transferred to. Nutrients of the soil are taken away from the area that soil is suspended from. Off-site effects could include blockages of drainage systems depending on the amount of soil deposited, the destruction and damage of roads and even housing among other features and could also mean that the new land becomes rich in nutrients.

Dealing with any problem requires understanding its causes. People deal with soil erosion in the following ways.;
One of the most common ways of dealing with soil erosion is increasing vegetative coverage. This includes the planting of crops and reducing long period tillage by practicing shift farming. Trees act as windbreakers when planted along other crops and open fields.

Rill, splash and gully erosions are dealt with majorly by constructing blockages that will prevent transfer of soil. Technology has enhanced the prevention of erosion by providing some products that counter the effects of erosion. New inventions like planting grass over a large piece of land and root enhancement has made soil erosion almost impossible. Collaborative measure in the universe help in dealing with erosion.

The Key Elements of Great Contractors

The Key Elements of Great Contractors