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Reasons Why You Should Have Regular Family Devotions

A family that devotes there time in reading and teaching one another God’s word, increases their ability to know God. It is not fair that most people will only read the bible on Sundays when they attend church, this habit should stop, Reading the bible should be on a daily basis, and it even gets better when you sit together with your family to read the bible. Devotions brings members of the family together. Knowing the word of God teaches the family members to discern good and bad spirits.

As family when you read the bible and pray together, you are helping the small children to be able to tell if the teachings they are getting are true or not. Family devotions is like daily doses that family members get, most so it helps the children not to backslide. As we know that every family always have their problems, such that people tend to snob each other, but this is not the case in family that prays together. A family that fellowships together understands each other perfectly well.

You will be surprised when you realize that some grown-ups or children don’t know how to pray properly. Praying in the family creates confident among the children to be able to pray in loud tones in public. At times the teacher may be asking for volunteers to go forward and pray, in most cases children normally shy away, but with a prayerful kid from a prayerful family they volunteer without second thoughts. Family devotions enable family members to know God at personal levels.

A child that comes from a praying home will always have a different character that is admirable. Such families will always be doing missionary work just to see many people converting and getting saved. They don’t hold unnecessary grudges with their neighbors. Daily devotions help family member to be able to communicate with God. Even though every person must get challenges in life, these families always know how to go by there problems and just come out fine.

The word of God brings encouragement to the souls of those people who are low in spirit. Regular family devotions helps children to be good at memorization of the verses of the bible. Devotions increases the level of faith among family members. Children from prayerful families live a righteous life because they do not want to offend the creator in any way. These children know that the lord is the Lord who gives wisdom when He is feared, this makes it easy for them to have knowledge even at school. Family devotions help family members to be obedient with the word of God. A family that prays, God is always on there side, even the way they live.

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