Biography of Frank Lampard

Frank Lampard had been a promising player for a long time, many people considered him as a national England team’s hope, and only with coming of a Portuguese coach Jose Mourinho, Frank became a real super-player. It was a Portuguese guru, who made a real leader of a young Englishman. Now all «Chelsea’s» center game is based on this motor half-back.
West Ham’s pupil, Lampard, firslty played in Premiership in 1996, he was 18, and being 20 he already played in a main team, being 21 he was appointed a UK youth team captain, at the same time he was firstly invited to play for a main country team. A young half-back made his debut in a national England team on October, 10 1999 in a play-off with a Belgian team. However, for a long time this was the only game Lampard played for a national team.

Such player could not stay for a long in an average club, and in 2001 West Ham sold Lampard to Chelsea for 16 euro millions. Frank quickly adjusted to a new club and became a main team player. Playing centre half, Frank scored 5 goals and missed only one ball during his first season.
When Swede Ericsson became a coach of all-England team, Lampard’s position in a national team changed. He started playing in a team regularly, replacing Nike Batt. On Europe championship in Portugal Lampard became a real leader among Englishmen. Many people consider the quarter-final match his team lost to a host team one of the best matches in football history with good reasons.
2004 year became the best one in Lampard’s carrier, he was acknowledged the Best club’s player and took an honorary second place in “Fotballer’s of The Year” rating in England. This season is also good for a leader. His Chelsea is close to triumph in England Championship and Champions League more than ever.

Being a leader, Lampard guides the team. He looks great both as a support and offensive half-back. Franks is physically strong, stable, at the same time has an excellent kick and tries to use this circumstance as often as he can. In general, constant aiming at gates – is one of his main advantages.