Reviewing The Details About Single Dental Implants

In North Carolina, dental patients new restoration efforts after they lose teeth. Gum disease and accident injuries are prime reasons for tooth loss. Improper oral care can also contribute to the loss of teeth. Once patients lose a substantial number of teeth, it can impair speech and present choking hazards. A local dentist provides full and Single Dental implants to replace the teeth.

Reviewing Bone Graft Requirements

Bone grafts are required when the jawbone isn’t strong enough to support an implant. The bone grafts are installed and tested. The surgeon may perform multiple bone graft procedures to strengthen the jaw. If the patient was treated for mouth-related cancer, the surgeon may have to perform more extensive procedures to correct damage from their treatment.

The Process for Installing Implants

The first step is to install the titanium roots. The titanium roots are inserted into the tooth socket. It is connected to the jawbone securely. If the procedure isn’t an all-in-one, the dentist will require a healing period of at least six weeks in between procedures. Next, the implant crown is connected with an abutment to the root. The dentist tests the connection and ensures that it is secured completely and positioned correctly.

Potential Risks that Could Affect the Implants

Periodontal disease can lead to tooth loss and the destruction of gum tissue. The damage sustained to the gum tissue could cause the gums to lose their strength. Existing periodontal disease could lead to further repairs and installations in the future.

Why Do Patients Choose Implants?

Patients choose dental implants due to their more natural appearance. They are connected into the mouth in a similar way as the natural teeth. They don’t present any hindrances associated with dentures. The patient will regain the ability to speak and chew as they did with their natural teeth.

In North Carolina, dental patients seek the most effective choice when replacing missing teeth. Among the most viable choice is a dental implant. Dentists provide the implants to replace missing teeth and provide a more natural appearance. Patients who want to explore these options contact a local dentist and schedule an appointment today.