Biography of Frank Lampard

Frank Lampard had been a promising player for a long time, many people considered him as a national England team’s hope, and only with coming of a Portuguese coach Jose Mourinho, Frank became a real super-player. It was a Portuguese guru, who made a real leader of a young Englishman. Now all «Chelsea’s» center game is based on this motor half-back.
West Ham’s pupil, Lampard, firslty played in Premiership in 1996, he was 18, and being 20 he already played in a main team, being 21 he was appointed a UK youth team captain, at the same time he was firstly invited to play for a main country team. A young half-back made his debut in a national England team on October, 10 1999 in a play-off with a Belgian team. However, for a long time this was the only game Lampard played for a national team.

Such player could …